Pattern Club Kits are Coming Soon! April 5, 2015 19:09

Back when I first started selling my yarn, I had a couple of project kits available.  My intent was to always have these available; however, the place I was getting supplies from stopped carrying the yarns used for my kits.  While I have made some patterns available for certain yarns since then, I haven't done any kits.  A few months ago, I started thinking about doing these again.  And I decided that I want to do them as a club. 

While there are still a few details to iron out, this is basically how it will work.  There will be a limited number of kits available, and once sold out, they won't come back, nor will the patterns be available as a separate item.  The yarn bases used will be dyed specifically for the pattern club, and will not be listed separately in the shop.  

The patterns will be delivered to you digitally.  If the project uses beads, you'll get beads in the color of your choice.  You'll also get a nice little bag so you can carry your project around and work on it on the go if you like.

As I said, there are still some details to work out before the first Club Kit will be available, but I can tell you this - the first project is already being worked on!  More info will come over the next month or so as things come together.  I'm so excited!!